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How to Moderate Comments and Discussions

Last modified on 06/30/2010 05:21 PM - By Nuno Albuquerque
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Welcome to this Community of Practice Tutorial.  This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the fundamentals of Moderating a Comment or Discussion on a Community of Practice.   Let's Begin!

  1. Login to your Community of Practice (See "How to Login to a Community of Practice").
  2. If you are an approved administrator of this CoP, you will now see a "Console" link in the upper-right corner of your screen. Click on it to enter the Management Console.   

  3. In the Management Console screen, click on the "Blogs" icon or menu link to navigate to a blog comment, or click on the "Discussions" icon or menu link to navigate to a discussion thread.

  4. On the next screen (the "Blogs" list screen or the "Discussions" list screen), you will see a list of all current blog or discussion items on the site.  To see comments for a specific blog or discussion thread, click on "View Comments and Sub-Items" under the item's name. 

  5. To edit or delete a comment or discussion reply, hover over the  under "Options" 

    • Close = allows you to close this menu.
    • Move Item = allows you to move the comment to a different folder.
    • Delete Item = allows you to permanently delete the comment (not recoverable; this is more powerful than using the   icon to send the comment to the recycle bin)
    • Edit Item = allows you to edit the comment.