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How to Find a Resource or Event

Last modified on 06/30/2010 05:05 PM - By Nuno Albuquerque
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Welcome to this Community of Practice Tutorial.  This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the fundamentals of adding a Resource on a Community of Practice.   Let's Begin!

  1. Login to your Community of Practice (See "How to Login to a Community of Practice").
  2. Resources can be found in a multitude of ways.  Here are a few common strategies:
    • Homepage Links.  Each Community has different boxes (called "pods" or "widgets") on its homepage, which show the most popular, the most recent, or the featured resources on that Community.   The most common resource-listing pods include:
      • Popular Topics:  Also known as a "tag cloud," this pod shows the most popular resource topics in order of popularity.  Click on the name of any topic to access resources.  

      • Latest Blogs:  This pod shows a small excerpt and picture from the most recently posted blog, and also contains links to several more recently posted blogs.  This pod may also include a "Top" tab to help further sort results, to show which blogs were most viewed by users. 
      • Discussions:  This pod shows the most recent discussion "threads" occurring on the "Discussion" page.  To access any thread, simply click on its link.
      • Other Resource pods, such as "New Videos," "In the News," "Technical Assistance Materials," etc.  These work the same way as the pods mentioned above by listing topical, popular, or recent resource links that you can click on. 
    • "Search" Box.  Every Community has a search box at the top-right of the screen, just under the banner.  Enter a search term into the box to bring up the "Search" page  

      • On the "Search" page you can further narrow your search results by choosing a Topic from the dropdown menu, a Resource Type from the dropdown menu, or both.
      • Your original search term appears in the "Keywords" box, which you can edit and re-search.    
      • You can choose to include results from other websites by checking the "Include Resources From" boxes. 
      •  You can sort your search results by Relevance / Newest / Popular / Title by toggling the "Sort By" preference.
    • "Resources" page.  Navigate to the "Resources" page by clicking "Resources" from the main Community menu.  Each CoP organizes its resources differently – some organize by folder, and some organize by Topic and by Type.  Either way, you can click on the folder name, the topic name, or the type name to access resources.

    • "Topics" pages.  Some Communities have customized their own Topics pages, which auto-list all resources, blogs, discussions, etc. that are tagged with specific topic words.

    • "Calendar" page.  Each Community has its own events calendar page, where you can locate upcoming events.  To get details about that event or sign up for it, just click on the its link on the calendar