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How to Edit or Move an Existing Resource

Last modified on 06/30/2010 05:16 PM - By Nuno Albuquerque
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  1. Navigate to the "Resources" Management Console (See "How to Navigate to the 'Resources' Console").
  2. Click on the title of the folder or sub-folder to find your resource
    • Note:  Make sure to click the name of the folder, not the numbers below.
  3. In the folder screen, you'll see a list of all of the resources currently posted in that folder. 

  4. To the left of each resource, you will see a row of "Status" icons (        ).  These are quick-links to the Resource control buttons on the "New Resource" entry screen (See "How to Add a New Resource").  Simply click on each icon to turn on or off:
    • = Enabled/Disabled
    • = Visible/Invisible
    • = Featured/Not Featured
    • = Trashed/Not Trashed
    • = Rating (feature not applicable)
  5. To the right of each resource, you will see more headings:  Views, Created On, Options
    • Views (Downloads) = Indicates how many times a resource has been viewed and downloaded.
    • Created On (Modified Date) = Indicates when the resource was created or last changed.
    • Options = Gives an additional menu bar of editing options for the resource.
  6. To access the editing options menu bar, hover over the  under "Options"

    • Close = allows you to close this menu.
    • History = shows you the history of when this item was added, modified, etc.
    • Re-Upload = allows you to re-upload your resource file.
    • Move Item = allows you to move the resource to a different folder.
    • Delete Item = allows you to permanently delete the item (not recoverable; this is more powerful than using the   icon to send the resource to the recycle bin)
    • Edit Item = allows you to re-open the "New Resource" entry screen to edit the item. 
  7. To edit the resource, click on the "Edit Item" menu link to re-open the "New Resource" entry screen.  Make changes as necessary (See "How to Add a New Resource"), and when finished click the "Save" button in the top-left corner of the screen.  You will see a confirmation that your changes have been saved. 

  8. To move the resource, click on the "Move Item" menu link to open the "Move Item" entry screen.  Choose the folder you want to move the resource to, then execute the move by clicking the green   to the right of the target folder.  Click "Yes" to confirm the move, and your resource will be moved.