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How to Approve a Suggested Resource

Last modified on 06/30/2010 05:17 PM - By Nuno Albuquerque
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  1. Login to your Community of Practice (See "How to Login to a Community of Practice").
  2. If you are an approved administrator of this CoP, you will now see a "Console" link in the upper-right corner of your screen. Click on it to enter the Management Console.

  3. In the Management Console screen, click on the "Resources" icon or menu link. 
  4. On the next screen (the "Root" screen), click the "Suggested" folder

    • Note:  Make sure to click the word "Suggested" and not the numbers below.
  5. On the next screen (the "Suggested" screen), you will see any resources listed which were suggested by this CoP's users (See "How to Suggest a Resource" for details on how a user would do this).  All suggested resources are automatically "Disabled" () and "Invisible" () until they are manually approved by a site administrator.
  6. Click on a suggested resource to open it and review its content.  Add a title, tags, keywords, etc. as appropriate (See "How to Add a New Resource – Files, Text, Links, Cross-Posts, and Videos"). 
  7. Once the resource is approved and appropriately tagged, move it to an appropriate folder (See "How to Edit or Move an Existing Resource"). 
  8. Finally, make your new resource live on the site by clicking  to enable it, and by clicking  to make it visible on the site.