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How to Add a Resource Folder

Last modified on 06/30/2010 05:14 PM - By Nuno Albuquerque
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  1. Navigate to the "Resources" Management Console (See "How to Navigate to the 'Resources' Console").
  2. On the "Resources" screen, you can see the folders that contain all of the resources on your CoP.

    •  Note:  For the ARRA Grantee CoPs, there should always be at least 3 basic folders on the "Resources" screen:
      • Archived TA Webinars
      • Important Links
      • Technical Assistance Material

        These three core resource folders are important because they feed their material directly to the Grantee CoP's homepage.  On the CoP homepage, there are 3 corresponding resource boxes ("widgets") called "Archived Webinars," "Important Links," and "Technical Assistance Materials."  

        The widgets on the homepage link to the latest material posted in each of their corresponding console resource folders.  Thus, the console folders shouldn't be changed, or the homepage widgets won't work.   
  3. In addition to any core resource folders that you may already see on the "Resources" console screen, you can also make your own resource folders to post resources in.  To make a new resource folder, click "New Virtual Folder"
    • Note:  Do not click on "New Physical Folder."  This is a button you will not need to use.

  4. In the "New Virtual Folder" screen that appears, do the following:
    • Type a Title for your new folder in the "Title" box
    • Type a Description for your new folder in the "Description" box
    • Skip Alias
    • Type Keywords for your new folder in the "Keywords" box.  Keywords are simply one-word terms that describe what will be in it.  If you need to use a two-word phrase, be sure to put it in quotes ("...") so the words link together.
    • Skip Created On
    • Click on the appropriate Tags in the "Tags" box on the right.  Tags are similar to keywords, in that they describe what kind of content will be in this folder.  However, tags are more powerful than keywords and help to identify your resources by category or by topic in the website's "Popular Topics" widget, so they are very important to add. 
      • Note:  If you need to tag your resource with a tag name that is not currently there, please contact Maher & Maher with the requested new tag name.
    • Skip the Resource control buttons on the bottom-right of the screen.  We'll discuss these later.

  5. After you title, describe, and tag your new folder, click "Save" in the upper-left corner of the screen.  Your new folder should now appear in the list of folders on the console "Resources" screen!

  6. All of the resource folders that you have added on the console "Resources" screen will now appear on the live "Resources" page.

    • Note:  It takes approximately one hour for changes made on the console to appear on the live site.  If you need your changes to appear sooner, please contact Maher & Maher.